Our audit department is recognized for its ability to provide reliable and relevant financial informations and to assure the security of your management and IT systems. We can adapt our work to the activity, risk and size of the company in order to accompagny small or medium size companies as well as major international groups. 


Legal Audit 

  • Statutory audit
  • Audit on contributions and mergers
  • Audit on transformations / evolutions

Contractual Audit 

  • Consolidation (French GAAP / IFRS standards / US GAAP)
  • Due diligences (acquisitions & mergers)
  • Initial Public Offering
  • Audit of process (SOX / internal control)
  • Audit for local authorities
  • Audit on fraud
  • IT Audit 




More than a certification

In complement to our work of certification, our audits aim to meet our clients expectations in terms of financial security and strategic decisions. 

Final reports and recommendations

We issue more than an opinion and try to express relevant recommendations for our clients without placing us as a consultant according to audit rules and standards. 

Complementary non audit service (DDL)

Directly linked to our work of certification, we can realize complementary non audit services at the request of the client which reveal the real added value of our statutory audits. 






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